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Provisions - Advanced Funeral Planning

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As a family owned and operated funeral home, Buxton & Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home and Crematory's primary focus is not meeting quotas or "selling" merchandise and services; our goal is to care for and serve the families in our community through education and continually creating awareness, and in that spirit we want to take the confusion out of the process of funeral planning and assist you in                                                                                         understanding all your options.

Yes, we are a business...but our business is caring for your family and building trusting relationships throughout our community—so stop by and see us or contact us for an appointment and we will meet with you at our place or in the comfort of your home.

Be Assured...

We know there are many questions and opinions regarding the process of pre-planning and especially pre-funding funeral arrangements.  With this in mind, Buxton & Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home and Crematory wants you to know, The State of Florida's Department of Financial Services in unison with the Board of Funeral and Cemeteries oversees the regulation of prepaid funeral accounts with continuous monitoring through audit of funeral home records. All funeral providers are required to place all funds from pre-funded funeral arrangements in trusts, annuities, or insurance accounts which are approved by and closely regulated by the state.  

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